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Audio Visual Education / Multimedia Lab

The school has a separate multimedia lab with latest educational audios, videos and software’s. School arranges some educational films in order to enrich their experiences. Apart from film shows, guest speaker programmes, interesting competitions and events are also held.

Interactive / Smart Classes / E- Classes

The school imparts education through interactive classes under the contract with S.Chand Harcourt Ind. Pvt. Ltd. Delhi & Teach Next Education.

The Advantages Are

  • Comprehensive & versatile curriculum for all students.
  • Built on sound pedagogical research with input from students & educators.
  • Targets students' individualised learning needs through Data-Driven Instruction.
  • Emphasises explicit instructions with a focus on Discrete Skills.
  • A powerful, easy - to - use student & teacher tool.
  • Integrates with in-classroom devices, such as Electronic Whiteboards, for effective whole group instruction.
  • Extensive progress monitoring meets accountability requirements.
  • Inspires educators & students with new, fresh approaches towards Reaching Reading Proficiency.
  • Thereby, teachers reach students in new ways through highly engaging & individualised instruction.
  • Computer, Science & Mathematics Laboratory

    The school has laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics to meet the requirement of all classes in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by CBSE.

    The school has a modern computer lab with 20 computers and Local Area Network (LAN) facility.

    Language Laboratory

    Language is the vehicle of expression. In order to build confidence in its

    students and to improve communication skills, school provides the facility of a language laboratory, where efforts are made to enrich the vocabulary, expression and speaking abilities of students.

    School Library

    School has been maintaining a rich library of over 5000 books for its students and staff. All students are expected to visit the library to take help of books available in completing their assignments, thus developing reading habit in them.

    Conference Hall

    The school has a big conference hall measuring 46 feet × 36 feet in size equipped with a stage, podiums, audiovisual systems including projector which is used for debates, quizzes, examinations, seminars and at the time of visits of dignitaries.

    The Nursery School

    The demand for nursery school is increasing day by day. The nursery school children are very different and an entirely different approach is required to stimulate their optimum development. It is in fact a supplement to the home and not a substitute. The child, for the first time comes out from home as he enters the Nursery School.

    Leaving mother's lap for the first time is bound to arouse a great deal of anxiety in the child. It is the school which minimizes this anxiety by making the teaching and learning process pleasant and appealing to the child.

    The teachers with a motherly affectionate heart keep a very close Supervision of these children. The teachers are highly experienced and trained.

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